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Volunteer IT Support

Purpose of the role

To assist in the use and development of IT resources in the office.

Main duties and responsibilities include:

Developing IT in the office

  • Have a broad understanding of the IT requirements of the office and the solutions available.
  • Contribute to the office’s continuous effort to improve operations, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.
  • Play a role in developing and implementing the CAB IT Strategy.

Maintaining the IT system and providing technical support

  • Respond to requests from computer users regarding hardware, software, or network connection problems or questions.
  • Resolve problems or provide “how-to” instructions.
  • Ensure that a regular back-up routine is followed and checked.
  • Ensure that anti-virus software is kept up to date across the network.
  • Make sure that the servers and workstations are kept up to date with the latest security fixes and updates recommended by the software manufacturers.
  • Refer the more difficult problems or non-routine requests to other technical support staff or the IT Service Desk.
  • Advise users of the ongoing status of their request when necessary.
  • Set up and review records to check hardware / software inventory, update service calls, and verify or modify user identification records.
  • Update and revise reference materials and work procedures.
  • Ensure that all work carried out is documented and clearly understandable.
  • Ensure that Health and Safety Regulations for Display Screen Equipment are in place and staff and volunteers are aware of them.
  • Ensure that software licences are obtained and updated for all software.
  • Coach users in software use.
  • Arrange disposal of old IT equipment.
  • Develop and maintain office website.
  • Training
  • Carry out basic coaching for other IT users.

Personal and professional development

  • Attend courses / meetings as agreed.
  • Keep up to date on new IT developments.
  • Prepare for and attend regular supervision sessions.

Other tasks and responsibilities

  • Uphold the aims and principles of the CAB service and its equality and diversity policies.
  • Keep up to date with policies and procedures relevant to office work and undertake relevant training within guidelines issued by Citizens Advice.
  • Abide by health and safety guidelines and share responsibility for own safety and that of colleagues.
  • Attend appropriate internal and external meetings as agreed by service manager.

Personal skills and qualities that an IT worker needs:

  • Knowledge of:
    • Microsoft operating systems
    • PC hardware and peripherals.
    • Microsoft Office
    • Diagnostic tools and online monitoring software.
  • Ability to:
    • Communicate in a one-to-one or group setting regarding technical or non-technical subjects.
    • Understand and apply written material.
    • Input data or information accurately.
    • Learn role-related material through oral instruction, observation and reading.
    • Diagnose technical problems and recommend solutions.
    • Monitor and maintain health and safety standards in the use of IT equipment.
    • Monitor and maintain own standards.
    • Work on own initiative, prioritise own work and meet deadlines – within established procedures and guidelines.
    • Demonstrate good interpersonal skills.
    • Understand and operate within the aims and principles of the CAB service and its equality and diversity policies.
    • Operate safely within health and safety policies and procedures.
    • Plan strategically into the Information Age.
    • Design and maintain a web site.

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